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LinuxSimply Linux Learning & Online Training Center is a comprehensive resource for Linux users, offering free tutorials, a forum for support, and online training courses. The platform is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information, with a commitment to inclusivity and eco-friendliness. LinuxSimply is a project under the ownership of SOFTEKO, a well-known Information Technology and Digital Media Company in Bangladesh. Established in 2022, SOFTEKO specializes in SaaS-based software products and digital content creation. The primary goal of LinuxSimply is to empower users by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the Linux ecosystem.

What is the Mission of LinuxSimply?


At Linuxsimply, our main goal is to help people use the Linux operating system with ease. To achieve this goal, we provide premium Linux courses, Linux services, cheat sheets, useful bash scripts, etc. In addition, we offer free support to global Linux users via our native forum. In our Linux forum, people can get any technical assistance or information related to the Linux operating system. Both our team of Linux experts and the community members answer their queries.

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Deepen your Linux knowledge with our in-depth courses and tutorials.

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Stay up-to-date on the Linux guides, tips and troubleshooting techniques.

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Who are the Current Contributors of LinuxSimply?

LinuxSimply has over 19 Linux experts working in our different divisions. Our experts come
from many specialties and fields of study. Some of them are
Mrinmoy Roy
Project Manager
Borhan Uddin
Team Leader
Md. Ashakul Islam Sowad
Team Leader
Ayesha Tun Nashrah
Team Leader
Susmit Das Gupta
Linux Content Developer
Monira Akter Munny
Linux Content Developer
Ridoy Chandra Shil
Linux Content Developer
Afia Zahin Oishi
Linux Content Developer
Fahmid Bin Kibria
Visual Content Executtive
Auhona Islam
Linux Content Developer
Ashikur Rahman
Linux Content Developer
Mitu Akter Mou
Linux Content Developer
Mohammad Shah Miran
Linux Content Developer
Nadiba Rahman
Linux Content Developer
Md Masrur Ul Alam
Linux Content Developer
Md Zahidul Islam Laku
Linux Content Developer
Reshma Raj
Visual Content Developer
MD. AL Nahian Aume
Visual Content Developer
Sharmin Ara Karim
SEO & SMM Manager

How does Linuxsimply
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The LinuxSimply Linux expert team uses Linux themselves, identifies potential user issues, solves those issues, and creates documents on those issues.

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Usage Terms of Linuxsimply?

Our goal is to provide solutions to all kinds of Linux issues. All our information is free to our readers, users, and viewers.


What is the
Privacy Policy of LinuxSimply?

LinuxSimply is aware of the importance of protecting the privacy and integrity of the data provided to us by our readers through our blogs, services, comments, forums, and emails.

What is the Content Integrity of LinuxSimply?

We ensure content integrity by sharing only peer-reviewed and verified information. Recommendations for
products or courses are made after personally testing them for authenticity and quality.

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