Md Masrur Ul Alam

Md Masrur Ul Alam
Md Masrur Ul Alam


Linux Content Developer Executive, Softeko.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh.


BSc. in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET).


Problem-Solving, Programming, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Neural Nets, Data Science, Technical Writing, Bioinformatics, Health Informatics, Neuro Informatics, Communication Engineering, Computer Science, and Linux.


  • Thesis “A Deep Learning Approach for ECG Signal-Based Heartbeat Classification for Arrhythmia Detection.” In this research, the effects of data balancing on model performance were explored, and the developed simple yet robust model achieved SOTA performance.
  • Project “IoT-Based Smart Garbage Bin”, the goal of this project was to develop an automated garbage bin that can detect its current status and notify its need of being vacated & cleaned by the proper authority through a local mobile network via GSM. Arduino, GSM Module, and Ultrasonic Sensors were the core component of this project.
  • Design of dual power supply.
  • Design of analog and digital filters for signal processing applications.


  • Has been working at SOFTEKO as a Linux OS Content Developer Executive since July 2023.
  • Ex-Feature Writer at Zero to Infinity [Bangladeshi Magazine].
  • Co-founder and Event Planning Director, Nissho Foundation, a Voluntary Organization Consistently Dedicated to Humanitarian Work. (December 2015- Present).

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