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What Our Readers Say

This was a scripting method that I vaguely understood. yet i use it in almost every script I write. I was very happy to stumble across this read in my late night linux research , And after reading it,..I am humbled, thankful, and inspired. Thank you for this knowledge, I am already trying a few of these out, more in depth than I was able to before.
Posted 31 Dec 2023
All your tips helps! Thanks for the link, this part will probably be the most challenging. The next step will be to install Void on an Acer with 1 gb ram. I still have to think which window manager I will use instead of desktop environment. If everything will work smoothly there too, it will be a real miracle. I am becoming a faithful reader of your articles!
Posted 8 Feb 2024
I have not read a better article than this on variables. So beautifully explained. Could you please let me know where can I access other articles written by you on bash scripting or linux or git maybe. Or if you have written a book. Thankyou.
commentator icon 3
Rashmi Sharma
Posted 15 Feb 2024

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LinuxSimply stands as a comprehensive and informative repository dedicated to unraveling the complexities of the Linux operating system. Our platform serves as a knowledge hub, offering a wealth of insightful resources tailored to users at various levels of expertise.

LinuxSimply stands as a comprehensive and informative repository dedicated to unraveling the complexities of the Linux operating system. Our platform serves as a knowledge hub, offering a wealth of insightful resources tailored to users at various levels of expertise.

LinuxSimply provides free Linux tutorials in article and video formats, Linux courses , a Linux forum, cheat sheets, and free bash scripts. Explore our diverse range of resources to enhance your Linux knowledge.

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