Mohammad Shah Miran

Mohammad Shah Miran
Mohammad Shah Miran


Linux Content Developer Executive, SOFTEKO.

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Adabor, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh.


BSc. in  Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).


Analytical Writing, Linux, Ubuntu, Programming Language (Python, C++, VBABash Scripting), Tools & Technologies (Numpy, Pandas, Machine Learning), AutoCAD, Microsoft Office.


  • Currently working as the Linux Content Developer Executive at SOFTEKO since May 2023.
  • VBA & Excel Content Developer Executive at SOFTEKO (November 2022 – April 2023).
  • Former Intern at Khulna Shipyard Limited.


  • Design of 155 TEU Inland Container Vessel on Dhaka to Chattogram Route: As a part of my Under Graduate course requirment, I along with my other two group members designed a full-fledged inland Container Ship and its associated design calculations like General Arrangement, Lines Plane, Detailed Weight Calculation, Hall Modelling, Stability Analysis, Engine, and Propulsion Design, etc.
  • A Comparative Linear Buckling Analysis of Different Isotropic Plates with and without Stiffeners for Different Boundary Conditions: The dissertation investigates modeling and linear buckling analysis of stiffened and unstiffened rectangular isotropic plates of four different types of isotropic materials for two different boundary conditions through a series of comparative studies in ANSYS 2022.The results are validated with the theoretical approach proposed by Timoshenko Gera.

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