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Terminator is a popular terminal emulator for Linux that allows user to run multiple terminal sessions in a single window. It offers various features and customization options. One of the most useful features of Terminator is its keyboard shortcuts. A Terminator cheat sheet serves as a quick reference guide that lists all the available keyboard shortcuts to perform common tasks and navigate the terminal more efficiently.

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Terminator Keyboard Shortcuts

There are various types of terminator keyboard shortcuts. Some are helpful for controlling the terminal window, while others can be used to navigate the terminal, edit text set preferences, etc. Most useful Terminator shortcuts are listed in this article.

Window Management Shortcuts

Window management shortcuts are useful to quickly split, resize, and switch between multiple terminal windows or tabs in Terminator. A list of the most useful window management shortcuts are below:

Shortcut Description
CTRL + SHIFT + T Opens a new Terminal tab
CTRL + SHIFT + I Opens a new Terminal window
CTRL + SHIFT + O Split terminals Horizo­ntally
CTRL + SHIFT + E Split terminals Vertic­ally
SUPER KEY + I Spawns a new Terminator process
ALT + L Opens layout launcher
CTRL + SHIFT + W Closes the current terminal
CTRL+ SHIFT + Q Closes the current window
CTRL + SHIFT + N Minimizes the current terminal
CTRL + SHIFT + X Maximizes the current terminal
CTRL + SHIFT + R Resizes the current terminal
F11 Toggles window to full screen
CTRL + SHIFT + Z Zooms current terminal
CTRL + S­HIFT + ALT + A Hides the initial window
SUPER KEY + T Group all terminals in the current tab so input sent to one of them, goes to all terminals in the current tab
SUPER KEY + ­SHIFT + T Removes grouping from all terminals in the current tab
SUPER KEY + G Group all terminals so that any input sent to one of them, goes to all of them
SUPER KEY + ­SHIFT + G Removes grouping from all terminals
ALT + A Broadcast to All terminals
ALT + G Broadcast to Grouped terminals
ALT + O Broadcasts Off
CTRL + ALT + A Renames tab title
CTRL + ALT + X Renames terminal title
SUPER KEY + 1 Inserts terminal number
SUPER KEY + 0 Inserts padded terminal number

Navigation Shortcuts

Shortcuts under this section are helpful to quickly move the cursor and navigate through the terminal output, search the command history and autocomplete commands or file names. Below the are the most useful navigation shortcuts available in Terminator emulator.

Shortcut Description
ALT+UP ARROW Moves to the terminal above
ALT+DOWN ARROW Moves to the terminal below
ALT+LEFT ARROW Moves to the terminal left
ALT+RIGHT ARROW Moves to the terminal right
CTRL+P­AGE DOWN Moves to next Tab
CTRL+P­AGE UP Moves to previous Tab
CTRL+TAB Moves to next terminal
CTRL+S­hif­t+TAB Moves to the previous terminal
CTRL + SHIFT + F2 Toggles the terminal session between horizontal and vertical orientation
CTRL + SHIFT + L Centers the viewport on the current line
SHIFT + HOME Scrolls the viewport to the top of the terminal session
SHIFT + END Scrolls the viewport to the bottom of the terminal session
CTRL + XX Switches between the start of the line and the current cursor position
ALT + CTRL + ] + A Moves the cursor backward to the preceding character of A
CTRL + ] + A Moves the cursor forward to the next character of A

Text Editing Shortcuts

This type of shortcuts is used to edit text within the terminal including deleting characters, words, lines, undoing actions and pasting previously deleted or cut text. The list below contains some terminator text editing shortcuts.

Shortcut Description
CTRL + SHIFT + C Copies selected text
CTRL + SHIFT + V Pastes copied text
CTRL + SHIFT + X Cuts selected text
CTRL + SHIFT + Z Undo last action
CTRL + SHIFT + Y Redo last action
CTRL + A Moves the cursor to the beginning of the line
CTRL + E Moves the cursor to the end of the line
CTRL + D Deletes the character under the cursor
CTRL + U Deletes the entire line
CTRL + SHIFT + F Searches for text within the terminal
CTRL + BACKSPACE Deletes the previous word
CTRL + DELETE Deletes the next word
CTRL + L Clears the terminal screen
SHIFT + END Selects text from the cursor position to the end of the line
SHIFT + HOME Selects text from the cursor position to the beginning of the line
INSERT Toggles between insert and overwrite mode
CTRL + SHIFT + F Opens the search dialog to search the terminal session

General Preference Shortcuts

These shortcuts are helpful to customize the general preferences of the terminal including font color and size of the terminal.

Shortcut Description
CTRL + SHIFT + T Changes the default terminal size
CTRL + SHIFT + L Sets the number of scroll back lines to retain
CTRL + SHIFT + F Customizes the terminal title format
CTRL + SHIFT + A Changes the font and color scheme
CTRL + SHIFT + C Enable/disable confirmation dialog boxes

Terminator Plugin Shortcuts

Terminal plugins are third-party add-ons that can extend the functionality of the terminal emulator and improve workflow. Terminator supports some plugins to enhance its features and capabilities. Here are some common Terminator shortcuts plugin management.

Shortcut Description
CTRL + SHIFT + P Opens the plugin manager
CTRL + SHIFT + X Toggles a plugin on or off
CTRL + SHIFT + R Reloads a plugin
CTRL + SHIFT + I Views plugin information and settings
CTRL + Page Down Switches to the next plugin
CTRL + Page Up Switches to the previous plugin
CTRL + SHIFT + O Focuses on the plugin output window

Terminator Profile Shortcuts

Shortcuts of this type are useful to quickly manage the terminal profile as well as customize the appearance of the terminal window.

Shortcut Description
CTRL + SHIFT + N Creates a new profile
CTRL + SHIFT + D Duplicates the current profile
CTRL + SHIFT + R Renames the current profile
CTRL + SHIFT + W Deletes the current profile
CTRL + SHIFT + P Toggles profile dropdown menu
CTRL + TAB Switches to the next profile
CTRL + SHIFT + TAB Switches to the previous profile

Miscellaneous Shortcuts

In addition to the window management, navigation and other shortcuts there are many shortcuts available in Terminator that can hardly be categorized. These shortcuts help to perform various tasks within the quickest amount of time.

Shortcut Description
ALT + . (Period) Inserts the last argument from the previous command at the cursor position
CTRL + _ (Underscore) Undo the last change to the command line
CTRL + X + Backspace Deletes the entire command line
CTRL + G Aborts the current editing command and restore the original line
CTRL + + (Plus) Increases font size
CTRL + – (Minus) Decreases font size
CTRL + 0 (Zero) Restores font size to original setting
CTRL+ALT+W Renames window title
TAB Autocompletes a command or file name


In conclusion, the Terminator cheat sheet is a useful resource for anyone who uses the Terminator terminal emulator and wants to work more efficiently. By learning and using these keyboard shortcuts, one can perform tasks more quickly and easily, saving time and improving productivity.

People Also Ask

What is Terminator?

Terminator is an easy-to-use Linux terminal emulator that can handle multiple terminals in a single window. It can be divided into multiple panels and tabs to manage and organize terminal sessions.

Can I customize Terminator shortcuts and appearance?

Yes, you can customize the terminator shortcut and appearance. Terminator is really easy to customize. Check out the cheat sheet containing instructions on how to personalize keyboard shortcuts, alter color palettes, and adjust other visual settings.

How can I install Terminator on Linux?

Terminator can be found in the repositories of a variety of Linux distributions. Generally, it can be installed through the package manager that is specific to the distribution. For instance, Ubuntu users can use the following command to install the terminator: sudo apt-get install terminator.

How to split terminator vertically?

To split the terminator vertically, press CTRL+SHIFT+E.

What are Terminator keyboard shortcuts?

Terminator keyboard shortcuts are used to control the terminal window. Some of the useful shortcuts are listed below:

  1. CTRL + SHIFT + T: Opens a new Terminal tab.
  2. CTRL + SHIFT + I: Opens a new Terminal window.
  3. CTRL + SHIFT + O: Split terminals Horizo­ntally.
  4. CTRL + SHIFT + E: Split terminals Vertic­ally.
  5. ALT + L: Opens layout launcher.
  6. CTRL + SHIFT + W: Closes the current terminal.
  7. ALT+UP ARROW: Moves to the terminal above.
  8. ALT+DOWN ARROW: Moves to the terminal below.
  9. ALT+LEFT ARROW: Moves to the terminal left.
  10. ALT+RIGHT ARROW: Moves to the terminal right.

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