How to Check VSCode Version in Linux? [Update Your’s Now!]

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To check the VSCode version in Linux, open the terminal and run the command:

code --version

Version represents a distinct number or a sequence of numbers assigned to software to represent a specific release, update, or changes applied to it. There are 2 different approaches that you can use to check the version of VSCode in your Linux. Those are: :

  1. Using VSCode IDE
  2. Using Terminal

Let’s dive into the 2 methods to check the VSCode Version in Linux:

1. Using VSCode IDE

To check the VSCode version from the VSCode IDE, open the VSCode and navigate to Help >About. To check the version, navigate to Help>About in the VSCode IDE.As you click on “About”, a prompt will appear mentioning the version information as below.

The prompt shows the VSCode version including other information regarding VSCode.Here, version 1.87.2  represents the second release of VSCode installed within the 87th minor version under the first major version of VSCode.

2. Using Terminal

To check the version of VSCode using the terminal, run the command code --version or code -v.

Execute "code --version" command in the terminal to check the VSCode version.Here, 1.87.2 represents the version number of VSCode.

How to Update VSCode?

By default VSCode checks for updates automatically and prompts you to install them. Moreover, to update VSCode externally, use your distro’s package manager. For instance, If you are using Ubuntu or Debian-based distro, execute the following command:

sudo apt update

For RHEL/Fedora, run the command below to update VSCode in Linux:

sudo yum update code

Note: If your VSCode has been installed via Snap, you can update VSCode using the following command:

sudo snap refresh code

How to Upgrade VSCode?

To upgrade VSCode in Linux, use the package managers of your Linux distro. For example, if you are using Ubuntu or Debian-based distro, run the below command to upgrade VSCode:

sudo apt upgrade -y code

Executing the command "sudo apt upgrade -y code", the VSCode is upgraded.

How to Get the Previous Version of VSCode?

To get the previous version of VSCode, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the previous version’s deb file from the VSCode update page. Downloads the .deb file of VSCode's previous version from VSCode's official page.
  2. Then, reinstall the VSCode of the older version using any package manager.
    sudo apt-get reinstall $HOME/Downloads/code_1.86.2-1707854558_amd64.deb

    Executing the command, reinstall the VSCode previous version.

  3. At last, disable the auto update to keep your VSCode in the previous version. Otherwise, it’ll be automatically updated to the latest version. To disable auto-update, go to Settings, and search for update. Now, change the Auto Update option to None.  Navigate to "Settings>update" and set "auto update" to "None".This is how you can get the previous version to the already-installed VSCode.
    You can check the version of the VSCode and verify whether you’ve downgraded VSCode successfully. Shows the version of VSCode which is the previous version.


In conclusion, checking the VSCode version in Linux is the simplest task. This article illustrates two ways to check the VSCode version: via the command line and the VSCode IDE. It also shows the update and upgrade process of VSCode including VSCode version conversion. Hope this article helps you in need.

People Also Ask

How can I check the Visual Studio Code Version in Linux?

To check the VSCode version in Linux, open VSCode, and go to Help>About. A prompt will appear mentioning the version of the VSCode including other specifications.

What is the VSCode version format?

VSCode version format is “major.minor.patch”. Here, the major version number is a significant update of VSCode. Minor versions represent smaller updates or enhancements of new features. Finally, the patch version denotes releases focused on bug fixes and minor issues.

How can I upgrade the VSCode in Ubuntu?

To update the VSCode in Ubuntu, run the command sudo apt update, and after that run the sudo apt upgrade code in the Ubuntu terminal.

How do I disable VS Code auto-updates?

To disable VSCode auto-updates, navigate to Settings, search for update, and set Auto Update to None. This is how you can easily disable automatic updates on VSCode.

What does the version number mean in VSCode?

Version number means a sequence of numbers assigned to software to represent a specific release, update, or change applied to it. For example, VSCode version 1.87.2 means the second release of VSCode installed within the 87th minor version under the first major version of VSCode.

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