Md. Nafis Soumik

Md. Nafis Soumik


Linux Content Developer Executive at LinuxSimply, SOFTEKO.

Resides in

Dhaka, Bangladesh.


BSc. in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, BUET.


Content writing, VBA, C++, Python, MATLAB, MS Office, AutoCAD.


  • Former Excel & VBA Content Developer at Exceldemy.
  • Currently, working as a Linux Content Developer Executive at LinuxSimply.


  • Industrial Training in Khulna Shipyard Limited
  • Technical Content Writing
  • Undergraduate Project
    • Design of an 87m long Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV)
  • Undergraduate Thesis
    • A Comparative Linear Buckling Analysis of Different Isotropic Plates with and without Stiffeners for Different Boundary Conditions.

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