Linux Fundamentals: A Complete Guide for Beginners

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About Course

Are you an absolute beginner eager to delve into the fascinating world of Linux, but don’t know where to begin? Then “Linux Fundamentals: A Complete Guide for Beginners” is the perfect course for you! This course is designed for everyone, whether you’re stepping into the Linux realm for the first time or looking to strengthen your existing knowledge.

Why Choose this Course?

  • Beginner-friendly content designed for all levels of learners.
  • Clear explanations with comparisons to ensure easy comprehension.
  • Hands-on experience with practical examples in every section.
  • PDFs, additional resources and quizzes for comprehensive learning.

What this Course Offers?

This course provides an in-depth explanation on the fundamental topics of Linux. Here’s a glimpse of what it brings to the table:

  • Comprehensive introduction to Linux, its fundamental concepts and distinguishing features from other operating systems.
  • A hands-on approach to setting up the Linux distribution, Ubuntu, navigating its interface and terminal.
  • Covers fundamental command basics such as file system navigation, exploring file contents, insights into Linux text editors and essential command line operations.
  • Understanding user account management, guiding learners through the creation and modification of user accounts.
  • Explores file permissions and modifying permission and ownership of files.
  • Hands-on exploration of ‘find’, ‘locate’, ‘whereis’ and ‘which’ commands to navigate and locate files effectively.
  • Detailed explanation on the basics of redirection and piping in Linux.
  • Insights into task scheduling using the crontab command.
  • Comprehensive explanation of Linux environment variables, fundamental operations with environment variables and customizing the bash prompt.
  • Explores fundamental networking commands and basics of process management.
  • Bonus section offers insights that go beyond the fundamentals, providing a well-rounded understanding of Linux.

Unlock Your Linux Potential! Learning something new can be overwhelming, but this course aims to make the learning process enjoyable for you. Instructor of this course, Ayesha Tun Nashrah, has focused on clear explanations and practical comparisons in each section, ensuring that even the most complex concepts become accessible to everyone. PDFs and additional resources are included in every section to reinforce your understanding and access valuable materials to deepen your knowledge.

Test and reinforce your newfound knowledge with interactive quizzes. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone aiming to strengthen their skills, these quizzes ensure that you’re actively engaged in the learning process. So enroll to this course to acquire a skill set valued in tech industries and open doors to numerous career opportunities with Linux proficiency!

This course is dedicated to equip you with a sought-after skill set in the tech industry, paving way for a multitude of career opportunities. Enroll today and open the doors to limitless tech possibilities!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learners will acquire a solid foundation on the fundamental concepts of Linux.
  • Equip learners with essential command line skills for efficient interaction with Linux systems.
  • Provide practical demonstrations so that students can confidently perform command line operations.
  • Emphasize detailed comparisons to differentiate between similar topics for a clear comprehension of Linux concepts.

Course Content

Welcome to the Course

  • Course Overview

Introduction to Linux

Getting Started With Linux

Command Basics

User Account Management

File Permission

Finding Files

Redirection and Piping

Scheduling Tasks

Environment Management

Network Management

Process Management

Bonus Section

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